China: on the Tienanmen attack there should be no demonization of the Uyghurs

With an increasing insistence, but as of today without any evidence or public documentation, the Chinese authorities are accusing the "Uyghurs" of being responsible of the incident occurred in Tienanmen Square on 29 October last.

Given the fact that in a few hours Chinese censors have deleted all photos that had been published over the Internet by passersby, and keeping in mind that investigations are continuing with the utmost secrecy, and waiting for updates on the researches that apparently are all concentrated only on the "Uyghurs", there is a big need to report what is going on in the most detailed and thorough way.

In fact, too often the international media have portrayed the Uyghurs as a group of violent fundamentalist solely dedicated to the armed struggle for the secession of the Uyghur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang.

On a variety of occasions, and also recently, Marco Pannella, president of the Nonviolent Radical PArty, has pointed out how the Uyghur leadership, starting from Ms. Rebiya Kadeer, have repeatedly announced their desire to establish a dialog with Beijing to promote democratic and progressive reforms that should invest the whole of China and therefore benefit the entirety of people that live in that country.

Unfortunately, and with the complicity of some western press - including some in Italy - the Chinese authorities are creating the conditions to promote an ample generalization of who is who and who does what, which will only produce Uyghurophobia along the lines of the Islamophobia and Arabophobia that were generated after the attack of 11 September 2001. Such an approach did not, and will not, contribute to an in-depth political analysis of the various legitimate requests of all those involved and will only contribute to the radicalization of some factions.

What is actually needed is that that incident should be reported in the most neutral way and that all sorts of information should circulate freely without the notorious filters that in China are the rule and not the exception.

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