President Mehmet Ali Talat went to Helsinki as guest of the Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb.

Talat told reporters on his way to Finland that Finland has a good knowledge of the Cyprus problem and it is important to make the Turkish Cypriot views heard there.

“We are going there upon the invitation of Finnish officials. What matters most here is that Finland gives importance to the Turkish Cypriot views” he said.

Noting that Finland is among the countries expressing support to Turkey ’s EU membership, Talat stated that Finland knows how significant it is to reach a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus

“Finland is interested in the Cyprus issue since 1963. The country appointed mediators throughout the Cyprus history. And now, as an EU member, it is well aware of the fact that Turkish Cypriots are facing injustice and thus takes important initiatives on this” the President added.

Upon being asked a question over the Yesilirmak Gate, President Talat said “I’m fed up with this issue. This issue is overshadowing the negotiations process. Special representatives of the two sides continue meeting in order to bring it to a conclusion. We definitely need to get rid of this issue right now”.

The President will embark his contacts tomorrow with a meeting with Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb at 1 pm local time.

Later in the day, he will come together with the former Foreign Minister- MP Erkki Tuomioja and MP Jaakko Laakso respectively

Within the framework of his contacts, the President will also come together with representatives of various media organizations to discuss the course of Cyprus negotiations.
The President is expected to return to the Republic on Friday evening.


The vice-President of the European Commission and the Commissioner in charge of Trade and Industry Gunter Verheugen, who paid a visit to South Cyprus , responded to the questions of the members of the European Affairs Committee of the Greek Cypriot National Assembly.

Responding to a question as the DIKO MP Antigoni Papadopoulou who was elected as a new MEP, and would not visit her home in Morphou in North Cyprus without presenting her passport; Verheugen said that Papadopoulou was lucky to have a chance to visit her home than him because he can not visit his home in Germany . Verheugen reminded that several people in various countries in Europe can never visit their homes at all. He added that this issue could only be solved after finding a solution to the Cyprus issue.

Reiterating that there would be 600 Turkish soldiers and 600 Greek soldiers on the island following the Annan Plan in 2004, Verheugen said during his contacts with Turkish officials he had observed that Turkish side supported this view envisaged in the Annan Plan. He added that this issue could also be solved after finding a solution in Cyprus issue.

Referring to his statement that he made following the referenda on Annan Plan in 2004 that he was deceived by the Greek Cypriots, Verheugen expressed his respect to the result of Annan Plan and said that he never used the word “cheated” but said he had been misled. Verheugen also stressed that two leaders should engage in efforts to find a settlement to the Cyprus issue.


Turkish Republic Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that Greek Cypriot Side must give up its problematic attitude.

Turkish Republic Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu visited Germany and after meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier he underlined that Turkey has always supported the negotiations between TRNC President Mehmet Ali Talat and Greek Cypriot Administration Leader Dimitris Hristofias and will continue to support. He added that they still have hoped to reach a comprehensive solution in the island. Although in 2004 it was very close to reach a solution, Greek Cypriot Side rejected it and this rejection is the only reason for current problems. However he pointed out that he still has a hope to make Eastern Mediterranean a peace basin and skip this issue as being an obstacle for the EU.


The Martyr Lieutenant Caner Gonyeli-2009” Search and Rescue Exercise has started yesterday. The Exercise which will continue for 3 days is conducted at St. Hillarion yesterday.

The Commander of the Security Forces Major General Abdullah Recep gave a briefing to the press about the Exercise.

Major General Abdullah Recep stated in the briefing that the purpose of the Exercises conducted every year is to actually experience the search and rescue capability that TRNC gained in the activities of search and rescue recently and to emphasize its power in the field of search and rescue activities in the East Mediterranean .

In his statement, Major General Recep referred also to the working of Greek Cypriot Administration concerning petrol and natural gas research, and said “Greek Cypriot Administration’s signing agreements with different countries for petrol and natural gas in the south part of Cyprus and be engaged in an activity within this context is not conformed with the international law on this subject and it is not valid unless there is a mutual agreement”.

Recep added “such activities, which have potential for creating crisis and is deprived of judicial basis, damage the equal rights and benefits of Turkish Cypriot people on natural resources of Cyprus . It is natural that Turkey will protect these rights.”

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