Democracy can speak Chinese because it has nonviolence in its grammar

If "just means lead to just ends", as Gandhi used to say, then in Hong Kong we can be optimistic. The occupation of several zones of Hong Kong by a heterogenous political movement that calls for democratic reforms has demonstrated that a little piece of China is ready for democracy. Very Ready!

The so-called "umbrella movement" has in fact demonstrated that it is possible to involve your adversaries in the struggle to affirm the Rule of Law and democracy without the goal of defeating or humiliating them.

Praticising civil disobedience and passive resistance, some also on a hunger strike, pro-democracy occupiers in Hong Kong have given a lesson to the world and to themselves. Every day, at all times, there were meetings of the “Mobile Democracy Classroom”. In every corner of the occupations there were speakers with big silent and very attentive audiences, their words were always greeted with applause, often with laughter. The concentrated silent of bystanders was impressive, as impressive was the organization and tidyness of the entire presence of very young demonstrators. Another lesson of "civic education".

The genuine demonstrations of these last days must now be supported by democrats and liberals from all over the world so that democracy can finally speak Chinese. And thanks to the "umbrella movement" it can be done before Beijing can think.

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