America's new chance

letter published in the International Herald Tribune on 4 January 2009

(heavily edited)

All those who agree with Nicholas Kristof that the Obama administration should provide, among many other things, "A new chance for Darfur" (Views, Dec. 29), should insist on securing an arrest warrant for President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, which may not come as automatic as Kristof believes, rather than suggesting to increase military pressure on Khartoum.

Muscled diplomacy works constructively and in the long term if the emphasis is on the latter.

If President-elect Obama wishes to restore his country's honor as a beacon of freedom and democracy, he must begin again to respect and promote the rule of law both at home and abroad.

Marco Perduca, Rome


Annalisa said...

finalmente un parlamentare con una visione internazionale. abilità assai scarse nel nostro Parlamento. questo "global approach" mi piace e credo sia la carta giusta da giocare oggi. abbiamo bisogno di una governance globale per problemi (sempre di più) globali. Marco, uno su 1000?!


perdukistan said...

e chi sei?

Blogspot said...

una che non sa distinguere le tue pacchianate (scritte male)