Talat “I mentioned my disappointment to Hristofias for his efforts to change the parametres of negotiation process”

President Mehmet Ali Talat stated that the memorandums, signed by the leader of Greek Cypriot Administration and different countries, were damaging the negotiation process.

Yesterday two Leaders made a meeting for 2.5 hours. Talat pointed out that due to he said his disappointment to Hristofias, some discussions arised in the beginning of the meeting. Talat added that Hristofias will make a written statement about this issue and he is expecting this statement in next week.

Talat said that the negotiations are not progressing as quick as expected and he added that he will give information about this issue in future.

Talat also underlined that he told to Hristofias in the beginning of the meeting that trying to gain the support of Russia which is one of the five Security Council Countries is harming the negotiation process and creating crisis of confidence and also opposite to his speeches as ‘Cypriot Solution’.

Hristofyas “the negotiations are not negative”

Leader of Greek Cypriot Administration Dimitris Hristofyas stated that the results of the negotiations with TRNC President Mehmet Ali Talat were not negative in general terms, however they expected them to be more constructive.

Hristofyas, who will make a formal visit to Athens between the dates of 26-28 November, evaluated the recent developments. Stating that the issues concerning a continuous solution were discussed in the negotiations, Hristofyas expressed that the negotiation on executive and administrative systems continues, however there were disagreements.

Hristofyas defended that the Greek Cypriot side made a “very functional” proposal, and added “the proposal of Mr. Talat is a worse repetition of Annan Plan. There is an important disagreement on this point. If we can solve this, the other issues will be easily solved.”

Pointing out that the issue of immovable property has not been put on the agenda yet, Hristofyas said “I cannot say right now how the Turkish Cypriots can be insistent on the issues of interchange and compensation”.

Concerning the guarantorship powers in the island, the Greek Cypriot leader stated that Athens and Lefkoşa (in South Cyprus ) have the same thesis that a EU member state does not need quaranty.

Meeting of Avcı and Al Thani

Deputy Prime MinisterForeign Minister Turgay Avcı, who was in Doha for developing the relations between Qatar and TRNC, has been received by the Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jabr Al-Thani. The meeting was taken place in the palace of Qatari Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

Following the meeting, Foreign Minister Avcı made an evaluation and stated that the meeting of TRNC Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar which is the one of the most powerful countries of Gulf countries was an important step for lifting the isolations.

Stating that the visit to Qatar and the meeting with Qatari Prime Minister were very important for the Turkish Cypriots and it could become a precedent for the member countries of Organization of Islamic Conference, Avcı qualified these contacts as “the one of the most concrete steps recently taken for lifting the isolations”.

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