The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus celebrated its 25th anniversary on 15 November with various ceremonies throughout the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus .
President Mehmet Ali Talat delivered a speech at the main ceremony and said that it was their responsibility to ensure a safe and secure future for future generations.
Addressing the main Independence Day ceremony in Lefkosa, the President said that both he and the Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias possessed the necessary skill and diplomatic power to push for a solution in Cyprus .
“It is because we are well aware of our power and capabilities that we are hopeful peace and a solution in Cyprus ” he added.
President Mehmet Ali Talat also said that the TRNC had left behind a quarter of a century since its establishment and had as a result evolved into a mature state.
Pointing out that Turkish Cypriots were still tried to be punished for having set up their own state, Talat said “we need to ask ourselves at this point. Are the Turkish Cypriot people sentenced to be administered without a state? Would it have been easier to solve the Cyprus Problem, had the Turkish Cypriot people not created its own administration? More importantly where would the Turkish Cypriots after a solution had they not created their own state and administration?”Describing the ongoing negotiations as a ‘last chance’, the President pointed out that the rights the Turkish Cypriot Side was insisting on where rights they possessed and exercised for hundreds of years.
The President also said that the Turkish Cypriot people, despite its determination and persistence towards reaching a settlement, were still being unjustly made to pay the price of the non-solution on the island.Explaining that the Turkish Cypriot Side knew clearly what it wanted out of the negotiations process, Talat said “we are working on all fronts to achieve a peace agreement, one that will safeguard the political equality of Turkish Cypriots in all walks of life and guarantee their right to self-administration.”
The President also pointed out that the TRNC had been initially established in 1983 as the Turkish Cypriot leg of a future bi-communal, bi-zonal federal Cyprus Republic .
“The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was not created to reinforce the division on the island, but just the opposite, but to prepare for a federal Republic, as desired by the United Nations, the European Union and the rest of the international community.

Greek Cypriot Administration encouraged its youth to make protests against Turkey and the TRNC on 14 November. All schools were broken up on 14th November and students indulged in extravagances and Turkish Cypriots were harassed in the South.
Some Greek Cypriot fanatics held protest rallies at the Metehan, Lokmaci and Ledra Palace crossing points.
It is understood that they do not respect the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and went as far as throwing oranges and stones at the Yigitler Burcu Park which borders south Cyprus .
Prime Minister Ferdi Sabit soyer called on Greek Cypriot officials to control the Greek Cypriot fanatics which also attacked a Turkish Cypriot car that had stopped at traffic lights in South Cyprus .
They kicked the car and shouting out slogans. The Turkish Cypriot quickly return to north Cyprus and made a complaint to the authorities.Soyer called on Turkish Cypriots to stay calm and said ‘we are the right ones, and we are strong. The Greek Cypriots are harassing us because they know they are in the wrong’.
This is a very unfortunate occasion but we shouldn’t allow this to dampen our spirits as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our establishment.

Archbishop of the Greek Cypriot Orthodox Church II. Hrisostomos said he was sure that there would be no positive result from the direct negotiations which have been realized between the President Mehmet Ali Talat and the Greek Cypriot Administration leader Dimitris Christofias.
According to the headline of the Greek Cypriot newspaper ‘KATHIMERINI’ ‘Archbishop has the B Plan Related to Cyprus Problem’, Archbishop II. Hrisostomos suggested to close the checkpoints between the TRNC and the Greek Cypriot side in case of a deadlock in Cyprus problem, and said ‘It is the best solution to close the checkpoints’.

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