Statement by the Presidential Spokesperson of the TRNC

by the Presidential Spokesperson Mr. Hasan Ercakica

Presidential Spokesman Mr. Hasan Erçakıca has pointed out to the Greek Cypriot tactics related to the international campaign they have been carrying out:

“Eroding the principles of a settlement”

Presidential Spokesman Mr. Hasan Erçakıca said that the Greek Cypriot leader Mr. Demetris Christofias is spending efforts to erode and redesign - in line with his own ideas – the principles of a settlement that have already been agreed by the two leaders.

At the weekly press conference, Erçakıca stated that Mr. Christofias’ visit to Russia is within the framework of the international campaign he is personally taking part in.

Warning the authorities of the Russian federation, Erçakıca said “The Greek Cypriot side is striving to ignore, particularly the issues agreed in the joint statement issued by the two leaders on 23 May 2008”.

Indicating that the Greek Cypriot leader, who has been arguing that he is in search for a “Cypriot solution” for the Cyprus problem, has been taking every advantage to mention the role of the UN Security Council member countries such as Russia and China, Erçakıca said “It is noteworthy that he is currently preparing to sign a declaration with Russia which includes the Cyprus problem as well”.

Stressing that the solution to the Cyprus problem will be reached at the negotiation table, Erçakıca said “The Greek Cypriot leader Mr. Demetris Christofias should once again be reminded that his counterparts regarding the Cyprus problem are not in Moscow but in Nicosia”.

The Turkish side is not disturbed by intervention of the international community in the process

Responding to a question, Presidential Spokesman Mr. Hasan Erçakıca said that the Turkish side is not significantly disturbed by intervention of the international community in the process.

Stating that no one should expect the two leaders to completely agree on all the issues, Erçakıca said “If there appeared the objective of reaching a settlement by the summer of 2009, at a certain stage, it is naturally expected from the international community to introduce some facilitating activities. However, this is not what the Greek Cypriot side does or invites. The Greek Cypriot side has rather been engaged in obstructive activities”.

What the 23 May agreement includes

They reaffirmed their commitment to a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality, as defined by relevant Security Council resolutions. This partnership will have a Federal Government with a single international personality, as well as a Turkish Cypriot Constituent State and a Greek Cypriot Constituent State, which will be of equal status.

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