UN Envoy Alexander Downer said that a solution to Cyprus problem may be found in 2010.

Stating that United Nations is confident for the efforts of the President Mehmet Ali Talat and the Greek Cypriot Administration Leader Dimitris Christofias spent in the negotiations, Downer said that he hopes a solution in 2010.

Moreover, Downer added that a solution to be found by the leaders should be submitted to separate referenda and intensified negotiations to be launched in January were an ‘important turning point’.

As an answer to the question, is the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon coming to Cyprus , Downer said that Ban wanted to visit the island in the beginning of the next year and the details have being discussed. The most suitable time has being discussed and shall be discussed by the two leaders also.

Downer indicated that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon wanted to visit the island at the most suitable time when he shall be able to make a substantial contribution to the process. “So it has to be at a time when he will be able to contribute more than I can do" said Downer.


TRNC President Mehmet Ali Talat and the Greek Cypriot Leader Dimitris Christofias will continue their discussions towards finding a solution to the Cyprus Problem today.

After today’s meeting, the two leaders will give a break to the negotiations until the end of the year. The two leaders are expected to determine the agenda and the dates of their meetings they will hold in January.

The meeting will take place at the UN controlled buffer zone at 3 pm.
Meanwhile, President Mehmet Ali Talat’s Special Representative for Negotiations Ozdil Nami announced on Friday that the leaders will not be holding home diplomacy in January as it was told earlier. Speaking to the BRT newsroom, Ozdil Nami said the two sides have agreed to cancel the idea after technical studies carried out by the two sides proved that full day sessions to be held at the homes of the two leaders would not allow a sufficient ground.


Within the framework of the ceremonies of the 21-25 December Struggle and Martyrs Week activities will be organized and the martyrs will be commemorated.

Prime Minister Dervis Eroglu made a statement due to the 21-25 December Struggle and Martyrs Week and pointed out that Turkish Cypriot people’s struggle of existence has been continuing for more than half a century and said: “this struggle has been continuing sometimes as a war and sometimes as a cold war. Our people had suffered from the war and obtained the present freedom after paying high prices and giving many martyrs.” However the struggle has not ended. Today the economic, cultural, political and diplomatic dimensions of this war have become a part of our daily life.”

In his message Eroglu reminded that the Greek Cypriots who moved with the intention of abolishing the Turkish Cypriot people by genocide and uniting the island to Greece within the framework of the Akritas plan, faced with an unexpected resistance therefore could not implement their inauspicious plan.

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