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Statement by the Presidential Press Office
Statement by the Presidency on the News Report Published in Politis:

The news report published yesterday in Greek Cypriot newspaper Politis, which allegedly is an "exclusive interview" with President Mehmet Ali Talat,is far from being true both in terms of form and content.

The President has not made any statements to journalist-writer Hasan Kahvecioglu to be published in Politis. Mr. Kahvecioglu, on Wednesday, 24 June, participated in a meeting with President Talat along with the journalists of Turkish Cypriot daily Halkin Sesi. It seems that Mr. Kahvecioglu has reflected the impressions he got at this meeting in the form of an exclusive interview by President Talat to Politis.

Moreover, the views that the President put forward during his meeting with Halkin Sesi journalists were not any different from his views that he has been putting forward to this date and are not compatible with those published in Politis.

The President’s views and attitude regarding the formation of a partnership stateare well-known. Within this framework, the President cannot be expected to make any statements that would imply that the partnership state “will be formed through the joining of two states” or “will be the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus." As it is known, the Turkish side’s attitude is that the United Cyprus Republic to be formed through an agreement will be “a new partnership,” and through specific processes, will carry certain characteristics and elements from the two states that are present on the island in its structure.

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