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Statement by the Presidential Spokesperson Mr. Hasan Ercakica

Presidential Spokesman Mr. Hasan Erçakıca made statements regarding oil and natural gas explorations carried out by the Greek Cypriot side:

“It will have negative effects over the negotiations”

Presidential Spokesman Mr. Hasan Erçakıca stated that the fact that the Greek Cypriot side has sped up its initiatives for oil and natural gas explorations in the Eastern Mediterranean while the comprehensive negotiations are being maintained will bear negative effects over the process.

Stating at the weekly press conference that the Greek Cypriot leadership has been acting against the good will that is necessary for the critical process we have been engaged in, Erçakıca said “By spending efforts to have unilateral domination over the natural resources of Cyprus, the Greek Cypriot leadership continue to raise doubts in the Turkish Cypriot side regarding their real intentions”.

Pointing out that it would be the best to wait for a solution to be reached before trying to benefit from the natural resources the island has, Erçakıca said “It should be the two peoples themselves who should decide on how to benefit from these resources by means of their common will and cooperation”.

Erçakıca continued as follows:

“The Greek Cypriot side attacks Turkey, as they always do on almost every issue, regarding the oil explorations in order to be able to conceal the fact that they have been usurping the existing rights of the Turkish Cypriots concerning the natural resources of the island and believe that they can hide the real reasons of the problem. The initiatives they have launched to protest Turkey by the UN and the EU are nothing but actions to that end. As the Turkish Cypriot side, necessary initiatives have also been launched as a response to such Greek Cypriot actions aimed at misleading the international community”.

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