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President Talat’s Statements on the Declaration by the Greek Cypriot Administration and Russia

Reported by TAK News Agency

President Mehmet Ali Talat stated that the joint declaration by Russia and the Greek Cypriot Administration boosts non-solution and seriously harms the (negotiations) process.

Talat said that the declaration has been issued despite warnings and assurances, and added that Russia has contributed to non-solution through this declaration. Expressing his sadness over the declaration, Talat underlined that the statement that High-Level agreements and United Nations Resolutions, “provide for the evolution of the unitary state of the Republic of Cyprus into a bicommunal bizonal federation,” is a total lie.

President Talat was speaking at the Ercan Airport upon his arrival to Cyprus from Ankara.

“At a time when we are at the negotiations table, discussing everything, the Greek Cypriot side issues a joint declaration with one of the permanent members uf the UN Security Council,” Talat said. The President stated that they knew that a joint political declaration would be made by the Greek Cypriot side and Russia, but said that they had been assured that the declaration would consist of “the general, accepted policy line.” Talat expressed that the joint declaration is aimed at distorting facts.

“None of the UN Security Council Resolutions or the 77-79 High Level Agreements envisage that the unitary Republic of Cyprus would evolve into a federal state,” said Talat. He underlined that this statement is a total lie. He added that although the Republic of Cyprus was a unitary state on paper, in practice it was a functional federation.

Talat also stated that it is noteworthy that Russia is rejecting “timeframes and arbitration,”in line with the demands of the Greek Cypriot side.

“As you know, Russia had prevented the UN Security Council from discussing the then-UN Secretary-General’s report after the rejection of the Annan Plan by the Greek Cypriot side,” Talat said. “Russia since then, has been contributing to non-solution in Cyprus.”

Talat added that it is saddening that Russia is supporting efforts to delay the solution of the Cyprus problem by rejecting timeframes and arbitration, which are aimed at speeding up the process.

“Such an attitude does not suit a country, which is the permanent member of the UN Security Council, said Talat. “Its role should be to support solution by speeding up the process as envisaged by the many UN Resolutions.”

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