Cannabis Light: until Parliament relaunches legalisation the law needs to be reconciled with Science

Cannabis Light: until Parliament relaunches legalisation the law needs to be reconciled with Science  

Statement by Marco Perduca, who coordinates the activities of Legalizziamo.it on behalf of the Luca Coscioni Association: “while we wait for the motivations of the decision of the united sections of the Court of Cassation, we cannot help but notice that judges once more establish, generically and arbitrarily, the concept of “drugging efficacy” without consulting the scientific community. We have been repeating this for (at least) 40 years, since the first civil disobediences of Marco Pannella: every organism reacts differently to the ingestion of different substances, whether potentially toxic or not.

For 500 years the scientific community has been telling us that it is “the dose that makes the poison” while, for a couple of decades, we have known that the therapeutic use of the active principles of cannabis is recognised and used  in many countries. In January this year, the World Health Organisation has asked the United Nations to review the scheduling of cannabis both for its possible therapeutic use and in light of its progressive decriminalisation of personal use and consumption all over the world. When talking about health we must always keep in mind what science says".

"The united sections were asked to to harmonize a series of rulings made over the last two years, specifying that, at the end of the day, it will be the competent judges asked to adjudicate a specific dispute to have the last word. Keeping in mind the problems that this constant legal uncertainty will create to a growing productive and commercial sector, the heart of the questions remains - as it has always been - the criminalisation of the freedom to choose, which is a result of the prohibitions imposed to the production, sale, purchase, possession and use of plants arbitrarily considered dangerous for “public health” while they have only become so after the adoption of illiberal laws and public policies. If in Parliament there is still someone who considers that legalisation is feasible then the time has come to mobilise”. 

Here an appeal launched by the Associazione Luca Coscioni that urges Parliament to legalise cannabis

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